21 Marketing Habits that are essential for small business success

Are you just getting started with a new business venture? Need some help in marketing your services to bring in more clients?

A solid marketing strategy is essential for any new business, simply knowing how to provide your products or services isn’t enough to achieve success. Whether you gain new business by word of mouth, social media or being found on Google, you just have to get your business noticed.

Here are 50 Marketing Habits that are essential for small business success

1. Start fresh every day
2. Get and use business cards
3. Write a Blog and share helpful info weekly
4. Listen to your customers
5. Keep an ongoing list of creative ideas
6. Read a popular business book for inspiration
7. Create a Facebook Business Page
8. Create a Twitter Profile
9. Create Pinterest Profile
10. Create an Instagram profile
11. Create a Google + Page
12. Join Google + Communities to network
13. Use your social media to engage fans
14. Send an E-Mail Newsletter
15. Use your social media to provide customer service
16. Collect Email Addresses
17. Offer a discount or special offer
18. Host a Giveaway
19. Ask customers for referrals
20. Ask friends and family for referrals
21. Create a referral network with other professionals