Extra-provincial corporations licence (outside Canada)

Extra-provincial corporations licence (outside Canada)

Canada Extra-Provincial Licence – Corporations incorporated or continued under the laws of a jurisdiction outside of Canada must obtain an Extra–Provincial Licence in order to conduct their business activities in Canada. Company formations offers extra provincial registration in all Canadian provinces and territories.

Canada Extra Provincial Registration Fees:
$2200 CAD

Our Canada Extra provincial Registration Service for Non Canadian residents includes:

Canada NUANS Report or provincial name search report
Preparation of Extra provincial registration application
Filing of the extra provincial registration application
Canada Registered Agent service
Government fees
Our service fees
Mailing of certificates of registration

To obtain an Extra–Provincial License for a business corporation incorporated or continued under the laws of a jurisdiction outside of Canada and wishing to operate in Canada, the following documentation must be submitted to the Central Production and Verification Services Branch:

Application for Extra–Provincial License completed in duplicate and bearing original signatures on both copies;
Appointment of Agent for Service completed in duplicate and bearing original signatures on both copies;
Canada NUANS name search report;
An original Certificate of Status issued by the government of the home jurisdiction, and signed by an official of the governing jurisdiction authorized to do so, setting out:
the name of the corporation,
the date of incorporation or amalgamation,
the jurisdiction to which the corporation is subject,
that the corporation is a valid and subsisting corporation.

Note: If the home jurisdiction will not issue an original Certificate of Status with the above information, a legal opinion from a lawyer authorized to practice in that jurisdiction is required, setting out all the above information.

Covering letter giving a contact name, return address and telephone number.

Extra-Provincial Corporation Name

An Extra-Provincial Licence will not be issued to a foreign corporation with a name that is identical to a corporate name already in use in Ontario. In the case where the identical name is no longer in use, a licence will only be issued if at least ten years have elapsed since the other body corporate was dissolved or changed its name.

Agent for Service

These foreign corporations must also appoint an Agent for Service in Canada. An Agent for Service may be an individual, 18 years of age or older who is resident in Canada, or a corporation having its registered office in Canada. The foreign corporation must ensure the continuing appointment of an Agent and report any changes to the Agent’s name, address, etc.


A foreign corporation operating in Ontario without having obtained a licence or without an appointed Agent for Service may face possible prosecution under S.20 of the Extra-Provincial Corporations Act and is not capable of maintaining an action or other proceedings in an Ontario court.

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