Canada Incorporation for Non-Residents

Canada Incorporation for Non-Residents

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Incorporating in Canada – Canada Incorporation for Non-Canadians. Canada Non-Resident Company Incorporation Service $1.999. Register NOW Online a New Corporation in Canada, according to the provisions of a Provincial Business Corporation Law. Company Formations provides fast and easy Company Registration in Canada for non-Canadians residents and provides all the documents your new Canada corporation will need to stay up-to-date and in compliance with your province of registration corporations law.

Canada Incorporation Service for Non-Canadians. Company Formations simplifies to the maximum the task of incorporating a new Corporation in Canada for Non-Canadians, by offering an easy on-line Incorporation service in three easy steps.

We Offer:

  • A professional and reliable service
  • Low Canada incorporation and maintenance fees with not hidden charges. For what our services include, our prices can’t be matched.
  • A reliable partner and at all time free online consultation and advice

Incorporation Fees:

Canada Gov Fees: Included
Name Search Report or NUANS Report: Included
CompanyFormations Fee: Included
GST: Included
Total Fees: USD $1.970

The process of Incorporating a new company in Canada has three main elements:

First is the Name Search and approval.

This search is used to confirm that no one else has a business or registered trademark with a name as, or similar to, the one you have chosen. The name of an incorporated company must end with one of the following designations:

Limited or Limitee;
Incorporated or Incorporee or

The following abbreviations of the above are also acceptable:

Ltd. Or Ltee.

If the name of the company is to be its incorporation number, for example, 123456 N.B. Ltd; a name approval is not required and the number will be assigned at the time of incorporation.

Second. Application of registration completed.

Application for company registration must be filed with the following forms:

  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Notice of Address
  • Notice of Directors
  • NUANS Name search report or provincial name search report (depending on the jurisdiction of company registration)

The third element is the fee to file your application for incorporation.

There are three ways to register a new foreign corporation in Canada:

  1. Hire a lawyer to do the job for you. (A very expensive option)
  2. Walk into one of the authorized service providers, and do it by yourself, or
  3. To use a professional incorporation company, like Company Formations and do it easily from home over the Internet.

Our incorporation package includes all required documents and services:

NUANS Name Search Report or provincial name search report
Government filing fee
Registered office address for the first year
Articles of Incorporation
Directors and Shareholders Organizational Resolutions
Minute Book w
Shares Certificates