General Partnerships

Canada General Partnership Registration

Canada Business Name Registration for General partnerships $39.99. We register your partnership business name “Trade Name” in any province of Canada according to the provisions of provincial Business Names and Partnerships Acts. Company Formations Canada provides fast and easy Canada Online General Partnership Registration Service and provides all the documents your new partnership will need to stay up-to-date and in compliance with your province of registration business names and partnership act.

Partnerships (two or more owners) operating in Canada or wishing to operate in Canada are not required to be registered if the business is carried on under the partners’ name. If the business uses a business name other than the partners’ name, they are required under the Provincial Law to register their business name before start using it.

Company Formations Canada provides business name registrations for Partnerships anywhere in Canada, except in Newfoundland and Labrador, where business name registration for Partnerships is not required.

Registration places your business name in the public record maintained by the Companies office. This allows consumers and business people to find the owners or the principal behind a business name.

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A General Partnership is composed of two or more persons who agree to contribute money, labor, and/or skill to a business. Each partner shares the profits, losses, and management of the business and each partner is personally and equally liable for debts of the partnership. Formal terms of the partnership are usually contained in a written partnership agreement.


Two or more persons carrying on business for a profit
Not a legal “entity” – “partnership” means all the partners
Partnerships may be formed without any documents – just by the relationship of the partners
May be considered a partnership if: sharing net profits, losses,
represent each other or the business
own property together
seems as though there is a partner by what is written on business letterhead
carry on business in common
Business can be in owner’s name(s)


Ease of Formation
Low start-up costs
Additional sources of venture capital
Broader management base
Possible tax advantage
Limited outside regulation


Unlimited liability
Lack of continuity
Divided authority
Difficulty in raising additional capital
Hard to find suitable partners