British Columbia LLP Registration

British Columbia LLP Registration

British Columbia limited liability partnership registration service for only USD $1970 including British Columbia registered agent service. If you reside outside of Canada and you are thinking of registering an LLP (limited liability partnership) in Canada, this is the package for you. British Columbia is an excellent choice for a flow-through corporate structure because it has strong limited liability protection for shareholders. In BC, any type of business can use an LLP structure. For LLP’s with foreign partners, there is usually no tax payable in Canada, and there is no complicated tax compliance such as the dreaded FATCA tax reporting requirements now enacted in the United States and applicable to Delaware LLCs.

Our standard British Columbia LLP Registration Package includes:

A British Columbia LLP.
Complete Corporate Records book with corporate tabs, BC Corporate Registry stamped registration statement, standard partnership agreement, register of partners, and organizational partnership resolutions.
Legal advice with respect to forming your BC LLP.
Choice of partnership structures designed to suit your needs.
If requested, a partnership name knock-out search to ensure that you do not infringe on someone else’s name from elsewhere in Canada. Infringement can result in a lawsuit against your LLP for damages or cause you to lose the right to use the name you chose for your LLP. (Does not include a full NUANS search, a computerized algorithm search, which can be ordered as an extra.)
Email confirmation shortly after receipt of the stamped registration statement.

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