Articles of Amendment

Canada Articles of Amendment

Company Formations helps Canada federal and provincial corporations to maintain up-to-date their corporate records information with the corporate registries office of their jurisdiction.

Canada Filing Articles of Amendment. Articles of amendment are used to amend the articles of incorporation, when a corporation wishes to add, change or remove provisions set out in its articles of incorporation, change its corporate name or the number of directors for the corporation.

A Canada federal or provincial corporation can amend its articles of incorporation by filing articles of amendment with the Corporate Registry Office of their jurisdiction of incorporation. that meet the requirements of the Business Corporations Act.

A corporation can amend or add as many articles as necessary in one amendment.

To take effect this amendment to the articles of incorporation, the proposed amendment must be authorized by a resolution adopted by the board of directors. The resolution must then be ratified by the shareholders present a special general meeting.

Our fee to prepare and file articles of amendment is $99.99 + the government fee. Our fee includes the preparation and filing of the govenrment forms and the corporate resolutions.

If you are changing the name of the corporation, a NUANS name search report is required. We can conduct this search and obtain a NUANS report for you.