Bank Introduction Services

Bank Introduction and Account Opening Services

Company Formations assist global entrepreneurs and medium and sized enterprises to open a Canadian bank account. Company Formations provides the following bank introduction services, which help our clients to open corporate bank accounts for their companies in Canada. Our service includes:

  • We supplies you with bank application forms and a detailed instruction, which helps you to prepare the personal documents of your clients, complete the forms and email them to our company for pre-screening.
  • We Prepare corporate documents according to the banks requirements
  • We receive your completed bank forms via email, pre-screens them and provides your with recommendations improving presentation of the business information included in the form
  • We Introduces your clients to the bank
  • We present to the bank the completed bank forms to the bank for its initial review
  • We obtain a bank’s initial decision on your client application (usually positive)
  • We informs you about bank’s initial decision
  • We Instructs you to send all required personal and corporate documents and signed application forms (in paper form) to the bank for its final review

Service Fees
$2000 USD

Processing Times
10 Business days