Advertising to Canadians

Things to know

  • Federal and provincial laws prohibit representations for the purpose of promoting a product or 

service that are false or misleading.

  • Advertising to children in the Province of Québec is prohibited; children are defined as being under the age of 13.

  • Advertising to children elsewhere should comply with the Broadcast Code for Advertising to Children and the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards, as well as general false/misleading advertising laws.

  • Sweepstakes and Contests are often impacted by illegal lottery and advertising laws.

  • Complaints made under the Canadian Code of Advertising Standardsare handled by an 

industry self-regulatory body, Advertising Standards Canada.

Things to do

  • Confirm that express or implied savings claims can be substantiated against the “ordinary” 

or “regular” price” based on time or volume tests set out in the Competition Act.

  • Obtain adequate and proper testing before making comparative claims.

  • Document that testimonials represent a customer’s honest belief based on experience with 

the product or service.

  • Ensure promotional contests are structured to avoid gaming offences in the Criminal Code 

and to comply with applicable contest disclosure, registration, duty and security rules.

  • Ensure advertising directed to children is not available in Québec

  • Ensure that header and sender information in your electronic messages, and the content of 

your messages, are not misleading.

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