Alberta Business Licenses

Alberta Business Licenses

Licensing and Registering Your Business in Alberta. It is an offense to operate a business without the required license.
Other types of businesses may be licensed through other government departments, municipalities or agencies. Some businesses do not need any type of license.


The following types of businesses and persons are required to be licensed or registered by Service Alberta (municipal licensing or approvals may also be required):

• Auctions
• Cemeteries
• Cemetery preneed contract sales and salespersons
• Charitable organizations
• Collection and debt repayment agencies
• Collectors and debt repayment agents
• Cooperatives
• Direct (door-to-door) sellers
• Energy marketing companies and energy marketers
• Employment agencies
• Fund-raising businesses
• Home Inspection Business
• Home Inspectors
• Monument sales and monument salespeople
• Payday lenders
• Prepaid contractors
• Retail home sales (mobile homes, modular homes, packaged homes)
• Time Share and Points-based Time Share contracts
• Travel clubs


Once you are licensed, you must notify Service Alberta of any changes to your business that might affect your license or registration, such as:

• A change in ownership. Provincial licenses are not transferable. You must notify Service Alberta within 15 days of a change of ownership.
• A change of business location or mailing address (within 15 days of the change).
• Any change in the services offered by the business (e.g. a prepaid contractor licensed to build decks and fences expands to constructing garages or a vacuum salesperson decides to sell cookware).

Some licenses are specific to products or services.

Alberta Business Names

Companies, corporations or partnerships will register their business to confirm the existence and ownership of the business and to determine the business’ liabilities and responsibilities. Registration of a trade name or sole proprietorship officially records the owner and the name of the business.

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Sole proprietorships are registered in Alberta, according to the provisions of the Alberta Partnership Act. Registration is completed by Filing a Statement of Registration Sole Proprietorship with the Alberta Registries Office.

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Alberta Corporations

The words limited, incorporated or corporation (or their abbreviations Ltd., Inc. or Corp.) indicate the business is incorporated. This means a distinct legal entity or corporate person has been established that is separate from the business owners. A corporation is normally formed to protect the shareholders from certain liabilities and obligations or to provide some tax advantages.

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