Canada Best Business Environment in the G20

Global investors looking for a top-performing economy in which to locate their plants and operations will find ample proof-points in Canada’s rankings among the G20 economies. US News1 and Forbes2 rank Canada as, respectively, the 1st and 2nd country in the G20 for establishing business operations.

Canada also stands among the top in the G7 and G20 countries on a number of other global rankings. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, Canada ranks 2nd in the G20 for doing business over the five-year period from 2017-2021.3 Canada also holds the distinction of being the easiest location in the G20 to start a business,4 requiring only two procedures and less than two days, according to the World Bank.

Canada’s high global rankings are indicative of a world-class business environment and instill confidence in investors that they will realize healthy returns. For more than 25 years, Canada was the largest recipient of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the G7 as a share of GDP6 and Canada’s growth in total inward investment has been the strongest in the G7 in the last 15 years.

Choose Canada for the next site of your company’s operations—you will find a thriving location for business growth based on a world-class, investor-friendly business environment.

Fast & Easy Canada Company Registration Service for U.S. Companies and U.S. Entrepreneurs

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