Canada Federal Annual Report Filing Services

Canada Federal Annual Report Filing Services

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Ensuring Compliance for Your Canada Federal Corporation

Maintaining the good standing of your Canada Federal Corporation is crucial, and a key aspect of this is the annual filing of the Canada Federal Annual Return. This is separate from your tax return and serves to keep your corporation’s records current.

Every Canadian federal company, including Unlimited Liability Companies, is required to submit an annual report within two months of its incorporation anniversary. This filing prompts timely updates to the Corporate Register, reflecting any changes in the company’s information and confirming its active status.

For a comprehensive service fee of $133.32, our Canada Federal Annual Return package covers all government fees, service charges, meticulous preparation of corporate annual minutes, and applicable taxes. Safeguard the continued existence and legal standing of your corporation by promptly fulfilling this pivotal obligation.

At Company Formations, we facilitate Canadian federal corporations in seamlessly preparing and filing their annual corporate returns online, simplifying the compliance process. Our comprehensive service not only covers government fees but also includes the meticulous preparation of your company’s Annual Minutes.

All Canadian federal corporations are mandated to file their annual return with the Canada Federal Corporate Registry Services. The Annual Return is pivotal for updating corporate records, covering vital details such as the corporation’s name, registered office address, corporation number, financial year-end, and a description of the main business type. It also reports changes to the registered office or corporate directors, if applicable, along with the date of the last annual meeting and public securities distribution details.

The annual return must be submitted within specified dates, accompanied by the government filing fee, which varies based on jurisdiction.

Company Formations takes care of sending your annual return directly to the Canada Federal Corporate Registry Office on your behalf.

Failure to file the annual return within the prescribed timeline may result in penalty fees. Persistent non-compliance, typically spanning two consecutive years, may lead to the removal of the corporation from government records. To rectify this, the corporation must bring its filings up to date and pay a penalty fee. Ensuring timely compliance is crucial to avoid any adverse impact on your corporation’s standing and operations.