Canada Federal or Provincial Incorporation

Corporations may be created in Canada under either federal or provincial legislation.Corporations may also be created under the laws of Canada’s three northern territories,which is less common. Accordingly, assuming a decision has been made to incorporate in Canada, a choice must then be made regarding the jurisdiction under which the entity should be incorporated. In most cases, the jurisdiction of incorporation does not affect the question of whether federal or provincial laws will apply in areas of dual jurisdiction, as in the case of Canada’s labour laws. Corporations established under federal or provincial legislation may carry on business anywhere in Canada as of right, but are required to comply with provincial requirements such as extra-provincial registrations.

In most Canadian jurisdictions, governing legislation permits corporations to adopt a unanimous shareholders agreement. Such agreements have the effect of transferring certain of the directors’ powers to the shareholders. To the extent that these powers are transferred to the shareholders, the directors are generally relieved of liability and the shareholders are then subject to those duties and liabilities. This can be useful in the case of a foreign corporation that wishes to limit the powers of the Canadian subsidiary’s directors over the operation of the subsidiary, especially where the subsidiary and the foreign parent have different directors.

Canada Incorporation & Company Registration Services for Canadian Residents:

Canada Incorporation Service for Canadian residents $99.99 + Free Company Minute Book. We incorporate your new corporation federally or provincially in any province of Canada according to the provisions of federal and provincial Business Corporation Acts. Company Formations Canada provides fast and easy Canada Online Incorporation Service and provides all the documents your new Canada corporation will need to keep your new corporation up-to-date and in compliance with your province of incorporation business corporations law.

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Receipt and review of your incorporation information.
If you choose to incorporated a named company, we conduct a Provincial or NUANS prescreen search of your proposed corporate name and advice you if there are any difficulties with your name.
Preparation and filing of Certificate of Incorporation.
Preparation of Organizational Minutes – covering the election of directors and officers, issuing shares, the form of share certificates and fixing the number of directors.
Preparation of Corporate By-Laws which sets out the organization of the corporation, including the powers and election of directors and officers, filing vacancies, holding meetings of shareholders and directors, required notice periods, setting the fiscal year end and the execution of documents.
Preparation of the Register of directors, the Register of Shareholders, the Register of Officers and the Stock Transfer Register.
Issuance of share certificates per your instructions
Blank share certificates
Shareholder ledgers for each shareholder
Provincial-specific startup check list