Canada Incorporation Order Payment

Canada Incorporation Order Payment

British Columbia Incorporation Payment Confirmation

Thank you for your business. We have successfully received your application to incorporate a new company Before we process your application, you need to complete the payment for our service fees of $129.99 plus tax: $136.48

We process your payment in two steps:

One first payment for our service fee that needs to be complete now, and the second payment for the government fees that will be charged to the credit card you provided with your application. This charge to your credit card will be processed directly by the registries office.

You can complete your payment for our service fees by Interac E-transfer


Why pay by Interac E-Transfer?

Paying By Interac Etransfer is fast, easy, and inexpensive. Receiving your payment through Interac E transfer allows us to process your order immediately, saving valuable time for you and us.

How to Pay

To pay by Interac E-transfer, please send your Interac Etransfer Payment to [email protected] For the security question, please select service and the answer incorporation