Canada Ontario EPC Registration Service for Foreign Corporations

Canada Ontario EPC Registration Service for Foreign Corporations

Extra-provincial registration is a process of incorporation in Canada that both Canadian corporations and foreign corporations have to go through when they seek to do business in Canada or in various provinces or territories throughout Canada.

If a foreign corporation wishes to operate in Ontario, the corporation must file an Initial Return/Notice of Change, Form 2 under the Corporations Information Act with the Central Production and Verification Services Branch, Ministry of Government and Consumer Services.

In order for a foreign corporation to register in Ontario as an Ontario EPC they will need:

Ontario Agent for Service

An Agent for Service must be a natural person 18 years of age or older, who has a residential address in Ontario or a legal entity with the registered office address in Ontario. This position is mandatory for each Ontario Extra-Provincial Corporation. You will be required to renew this service annually unless your company appoints own Agent for Service.

Ontario NUANS Report

An Ontario-based NUANS name search report;

Certificate of Status

An original Certificate of Status issued by the government of the home jurisdiction is required.

Company formations offer Ontario Extra Provincial Company Registration for foreign companies around the world wishing to register and operate a business in Ontario Canada. Our Ontario EPC Registration package includes the registration of a non-Canadian company in Ontario as Extra-Provincial Corporation. As a result, the non-resident company receives Ontario extra-Provincial Licence and all rights to establish an office, open a bank account and conduct business in Ontario.

It also includes registration of the non-resident company for federal and provincial tax numbers, preparation, and filing of the initial return with Ontario government.

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