Change of registered or records office of a British Columbia Corporation

Subject to section 34 (1) of the British Columbia Business Corporation Act, a company that has been authorized to do so under subsection (2) of this section may change one or both of the mailing address and delivery address of one or both of its registered office and records office by filing with the registrar a notice of change of address in the form established by the registrar.

A company is authorized to file a notice of change of address with the registrar if the change of address reflected in the notice has been authorized

  • (a) in any manner required or permitted by the articles, or
  • (b) if the articles are silent as to the manner in which a change of address is to be authorized, by a directors’ resolution.

A change of address reflected in a notice of change of address filed with the registrar under this section takes effect under section 37 whether or not the change of address has been authorized in accordance with subsection (2).

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