Completing articles of incorporation

Corporations are used throughout the world to operate all kinds of businesses. While its exact legal status varies somewhat from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, the most important aspect of a corporation is limited liability. This means that shareholders have the right to participate in the profits, through dividends and/or the appreciation of stock, but are not held personally liable for the company’s debts.

Completing articles of incorporation is the second step in the incorporation process. This step establishes the structure of your corporation. However, you can apply to change the structure of your corporation once you are operating.

Your articles of incorporation will need to be signed by the incorporator(s). If an incorporator is a company or other incorporated body, the articles must be signed by an individual authorized by that body. Note that changes to the approved articles can only be made by amendment.

The articles of incorporation includes:

your proposed corporate name (leave a blank space if you want to proceed with a numbered name)
your corporation’s province or territory in Canada
your share structure and any restrictions on share transfers (see The share structure of your corporation)
your corporation’s number of directors
any restrictions you might want to set for your business or business activities
any other provisions

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