Discover the advantages of investing in British Columbia

British Columbia, Canada has one of North America’s most competitive, flexible, and supportive business climates. Our vast resources, low taxes, stable and well-regulated financial system and fiscally responsible government attract investment from around the world.

British Columbia, Canada is an attractive location to start a business or expand existing operations. A stable, welcoming government has streamlined regulations and developed a competitive tax regime. Combined with a dependable legal system and top-ranked quality of life, British Columbia is an optimal location for business opportunities in North America and around the world.

Launch your growth with a North American head office in British Columbia

If you’re ready to establish a North American head office, make a strategic decision by choosing British Columbia, Canada as your gateway to success.

Our commitment to actively support economic growth creates a vibrant, stable and welcoming business environment. Our incentives will give your company a financial boost, and help ensure that British Columbia remains among the best places in North America to invest. Come to British Columbia for:
Competitive taxes
Tax incentives
Streamlined regulations
Supportive, financially-responsible government
Thriving industry sectors

Company Formations provides fast and easy Company Registration in British Columbia for non-Canadians residents and provides all the documents your new British Columbia corporation will need to stay up-to-date and in compliance with the British Columbia Business Corporation Act.

British Columbia Incorporation Fees:

$2200 (All-Inclusive)

Our British Columbia Incorporation Service includes:

British Columbia Name Search Report
Preparation of Articles of Incorporation and Incorporation Documents
British Columbia Incorporation Agreement
British Columbia By-Laws, Company Minute Book, Share Certificates
British Columbia Canada Registered Agent Service for 1 year
British Columbia Government Fees
Our Service Fees
Original Certificates
Copy of Documents in PDF

For more information, please visit our British Columbia incorporation for non-Canadians website

British Columbia Incorporation for Non Canadian Residents

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