Discover how Canada’s trade agreements can help you do business.

Canada has one of the world’s most open trading economies and businesses in British Columbia benefit from significant international trade agreements. When you do business with Canada, you gain the benefits of dealing with one of the world’s most open, transparent and stable trading economies.

The Canadian government is the signatory to international and domestic agreements designed to reduce or eliminate barriers to trade.

Trade agreements provide preferential and improved market access in other jurisdictions for BC’s workers, goods, and services, making it easier and more efficient to do business. These agreements:

  • Outline clear rules, increasing predictability;
  • Reduce costs through the reduction and/or elimination of tariff and non-tariff barriers and;
  • Provide a mechanism to address discriminatory practices that hinder trade and investment.

Canada Company Registration for Non-Canadian residents

Incorporating in Canada – Canada Incorporation for Non-Canadians for only $2200 (All-Inclusive.) Company Formations provides fast and easy Company Registration in Canada for non-Canadians residents and provides all the documents your new Canada corporation will need to stay up-to-date and in compliance with your province of registration corporation law.

Incorporation Fees:

$2200 (All-Inclusive)

Our Canada Incorporation Service for non-Canadian includes:

Name Search Report
Preparation of Articles of Incorporation and Incorporation Documents
Incorporation Agreement
By-Laws, Company Minute Book, Share Certificates
Canada Registered Agent Service for 1 year
Government Fees
Our Service Fees
Original Certificates
Copy of Documents in PDF

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