Formation of a Limited Partnership in Canada

Each Canadian provinces has its own distinct legislation governing the formation of limited partnerships. We are able to assist clients with the formation of Limited Partnerships in all relevant Canadian provinces, including in Ontario, one of the most popular jurisdictions for the registration of limited partnerships in Canada.

Under the applicable legislation in each province, the limited partnership will be formed by one or more General Partner(s) and one or more Limited Partner(s). The limited partnership is required to have at least one of each. The partners are not required to be resident in Canada and individuals and corporate entities may be appointed to fulfill the role.

In Ontario, a limited partnership can have the same person as a general partner and limited partner. Limited Partnerships are formed in Canada by filing an application of Limited Partnership Registration with the corporate registry office of the desired jurisdiction of registration.

Company Formations offers Canada Limited Partnership Registration to Canadian residents and non-Canadian residents. Our Canada Limited Partnership registration service for Only $2000 (all inclusive) Includes:

Name Search confirming the uniqueness of the name
Government registration fee
Registered office address for one year
Declaration Form 3 confirming registration of the Limited Partnership
Organizational Resolutions of the General Partners
Resolution Admitting of Limited Partner
Partnership Agreement
Register of General Partners
Register of Limited Partners

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