Life Sciences and Biomass

Saskatchewan has a strong life sciences and research cluster , including national and international players with global reputations.

In Canada’s heartland, it’s not surprising to find a tradition of innovation in agriculture and new ways of thinking about bio-resources.

Life Sciences

Saskatchewan is recognized as a world leader in biotechnology and life sciences, with some of the most advanced facilities in Canada.

Saskatchewan’ s agricultural wealth and diversity create a natural environment for the development of functional foods, nutraceuticals and health products. This sector draws on the province’s strengths in


Food science and food processing technologies;



Botany; and

Animal sciences.


Saskatchewan is developing new products using renewable resources.

Saskatchewan offers extensive research and technological support, from plant biotechnology and fermentation capacity to analytical support and toll-processing, amidst the country’s largest renewable bio-product resources. Candidates for commercialization in Saskatchewan include:

Bio-based materials;

Green chemicals;

Renewable plastics; and

Natural fibres and natural structural materials.

The province has some of Canada’ s first and largest operating wheat-based ethanol plants and integrated biodiesel operations that produce:



Dust-control products;

Concentrated protein feeds; and

Many other bio-products.

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