New Brunswick Self Incorporation Kit

New Brunswick Self Incorporation Kit $49.99 (PDF format)


The incorporation procedure in New Brunswick is easier than ever. You can incorporate a company yourself with very little trouble and no legal fees to pay. More and more people are using a corporate structure for their businesses.

An easy to use incorporation kit with all the information, guide and forms you need to incorporate a new company in New Brunswick.

Incorporate your business all by yourself.
No lawyer required
Save hundreds of dollars in legal fees.
It is 100% legal and easy.

This kit provides essential information on:

how to incorporate your business;
filing Articles of Incorporation and other forms online;
a number of administrative formalities, such as
registration with provincial and territorial authorities;
the internal organization of your corporation;
the duties of directors and shareholders;
how to keep your corporation in good standing;

Price: $49.99
Format: PDF
Number of Pages: 100