Your new Ontario Corporation ready in just 2 Hours for only $99

Your new Ontario Corporation ready in just 2 Hours for only $99

Ontario Corporations provincial incorporation creates a company that is a legal entity in Ontario only and that your corporation’s name is protected in Ontario only, unlike federal incorporation, which creates a legal entity throughout Canada with the right to operate anywhere in Canada, and a name that is protected nationwide.)

Steps to incorporate a new company in Ontario:

1. Choose a name for your corporation.
2. Conduct a name search (unless you’re going to be operating a numbered company).
3. Complete the Articles of Incorporation (Form 1 under the Business Corporations Act).
4. Create a covering letter.
5. File your application for incorporation.

Ontario Incorporation in 2 Hours $99 plus Govt fees. FREE personalized company minute book and Lifetime corporate maintenance. Business Corporations are incorporated in Ontario, according to the provisions of the Ontario Business Corporation Act with the Ontario Corporations Division. Company Formations Canada provides fast and easy Ontario Incorporation Service and provides all the documents your new Ontario corporation will need to stay up-to-date and in compliance with the Ontario Business Corporation Act.

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