Nova Scotia Articles of Revival

Nova Scotia Articles of Revival

Nova Scotia Articles of Revival. A revival allows a corporation dissolved under the Nova Scotia Business Corporation Act to be restored to its previous legal position in the same manner and to the same extent as if it had not been dissolved. A corporation is revived on the date appearing on the Certificate of Revival.

Who can apply for a revival?

Any interested person may apply for the revival of a dissolved corporation. An interested person includes:

a shareholder, director, officer, employee or creditor of the dissolved corporation, or anyone who, although not one of those listed at the time of dissolution, would be such a person if the corporation were revived
any person having a contractual relationship with the dissolved corporation
any person with a valid reason for applying for a revival, for example, a trustee in bankruptcy or a liquidator.

What process must I follow to revive my corporation?

An application for revival must include:

a completed and signed copy of Articles of Revival
a valid NUANS Name Search Report for the corporate name. The Nuans report is not required if the corporation has been dissolved for less than 2 years or had a numbered name
the filing fee.

Date of revival

The corporation is revived as of the date on the Certificate of Revival. This is usually the date on which Articles of Revival is received by the Nova Scotia Corporate Registries Office. You can request a later date when making an application for revival.

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