Nova Scotia Extra Provincial Registration

Nova Scotia Extra Provincial Registration

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Nova Scotia Extra-Provincial Registration $1000. Register NOW Online a New Extra-Provincial corporation in Nova Scotia, according to the provisions of the Nova Scotia Business Corporation Law. Company Formations provides fast and easy Extra-Provincial Registration in Nova Scotia and provides all the documents your new Nova Scotia Extra-Provincial corporation will need to keep your new corporation up-to-date and in compliance with your province corporations law.

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What is an extra-provincial corporation?

An extra-provincial corporation is a body corporate that has been incorporated, amalgamated, or continued outside the jurisdiction of Nova Scotia.

Which extra-provincial corporations must register?

Every extra-provincial corporation must register under Part 21 of the Business Corporations Act within (30) days after it begins to carry on business in Nova Scotia. As a result of amendments to the Business Corporations Act in 1987, Canadian Corporations are now required to register as extra-provincial corporations if they are carrying on business in Nova Scotia.

What constitutes carrying on business in Nova Scotia?

According to Section 264 of the Business Corporations Act, an extra-provincial corporation carries on business in Nova Scotia if:

its name, or any name under which it carries on business, is listed in a telephone directory for any part of Nova Scotia;
its name, or any name under which it carries on business, appears or is announced in any advertisement in which an address in Nova Scotia is given for the extra-provincial corporation;
it has a resident agent or representative or a warehouse, office, or place of business in Nova Scotia;
it solicits business in Nova Scotia;
it is licensed or registered or required to be licensed or registered, under any Act of Nova Scotia entitling it to do business;
It is in respect of a public vehicle as defined in the Motor Transport Act, the holder of a certificate of registration under the Motor Vehicle Administration Act, unless it neither picks up or nor delivers goods or passengers in Nova Scotia;
it is the holder of a certificate issued by the Nova Scotia Motor Transport Board unless it neither picks up nor delivers goods or passengers in Nova Scotia; or it otherwise carries on business in Nova Scotia.

The process of Nova Scotia Extra-Provincial Registration has three main elements:

First is the Name Search and approval.

This search is used to confirm that no one else has a business or registered trademark with a name as, or similar to, the one you have chosen. The name of an incorporated company must end with one of the following designations:

* Limited or Limitee;
* Incorporated or Incorporee or
* Corporation

The following abbreviations of the above are also acceptable:

* Ltd. Or Ltee.
* Inc.
* Corp.

If the name of the company is to be its incorporation number, for example 123456 A.B. Ltd; a name approval is not required and the number will be assigned at the time of incorporation.

Note: Canada corporations (federally incorporations) are exempt from this requirement.

Second. Application of registration completed.

Application of registration must be filed with the following forms:

a statement of Registration
Notice of Attorney
an original Nova Scotia Search Report, (also known as a NUANs report) , less than 90 days old, relating to the name appearing on the Statement of Registration;
a copy of the corporation’s charter, including all amendments, certified to be true copies by a company official, having custody of the original documents.

The third element is the fee to file your application for incorporation.


Total: $1000