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Prince Edward Island Annual Report Filing Services

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Keeping your Prince Edward Island Corporation in Good Standing. Every year, your Prince Edward Island Corporation must file an Annual Return. This is not your tax return. The Annual Return provides up-to-date information about your corporation.

Every Prince Edward Island corporation, which includes an Unlimited Liability Company, must file an annual report within two months of its anniversary date of incorporation. The annual report filing reminds the company to promptly file any change to the information shown in the Corporate Register. It also tells the Corporate Registry that the company is still active.

Total Fees $ (Includes Our Service Fees and the Gov Fees)

Company Formations helps Prince Edward Island corporations prepare their annual corporate returns online. This service will allow you to file your Annual Report online.

All Prince Edward Island corporations must file an annual return with the Prince Edward Island Corporate Registry Office. The purpose of the Annual Return is to update your corporate records. The return covers such items as the name of the corporation, registered office address, corporation number, financial year-end, and a description of the main type of business. It also communicates any changes to your registered office or corporate directors, if applicable. The date of your last annual meeting and whether the corporation has ever distributed its securities to the public are also required.

The annual return must be filed within the prescribed dates and must be accompanied by the government filing fee. The dates and fees vary depending on the jurisdiction.

Company Formations will file your annual return directly with the Prince Edward Island Corporate Registry Office on your behalf.

If a corporation fails to file an annual return within the prescribed delay, a penalty fee may be imposed. If a corporation repeatedly fails to file its annual returns (typically for 2 consecutive years), the government department or agency may remove the corporation from the government records. If a corporation has been struck from government records, the corporation may be affected in a variety of ways. To re-register the corporation must typically bring its annual filings up to date and pay a penalty fee.