Reasons to start a business in Canada

According to recent rankings from both Forbes1 and US News, 2 Canada is the best country in the G20 for establishing business operations, and the Economist Intelligence Unit asserts that Canada is expected to be the second best country in the G7 for doing business over the next five-year period, from 2017 to 2021.3 Canada also holds the distinction of being the easiest location in the G20 to start a business, with the process requiring only two procedures and less than two days, according to the World Bank.4 For investors, Canada’s high global rankings demonstrate an environment that nurtures business growth.

Canada’s economy is one of the most resilient in the world; this country consistently outranks its G7 peers in long-term economic growth and boasts the fastest-growing economy in the G7. Canada enjoys a full 245-basis-point lead over its closest performer, the United States,1 and has posted the second highest business investment growth in the G7 over the 2007 to 2016 period.2 Canada’s economic performance is anchored by a diversified resource base, leading-edge innovation clusters, competitive business costs and tax rates, and one of the world’s most stable financial systems, providing ample growth opportunities and stability for investors looking to engage with this country’s business community

To meet the needs of global investors and stay competitive in a dynamic global market, Canada provides the most favorable business costs and lowest corporate taxes in the G7, while also providing tax credits and incentives for organizations looking to establish a business here.

According to KMPG’s Competitive Alternatives 2016, a guide to international business location costs, overall business costs in Canada are the lowest in the G7 and come in at 14.6% below those in the United States.1 A trio of Canada’s largest cities—Toronto, Vancouver, and Montréal—ranks as the top three for cost-competitiveness among 54 major Canadian and US cities with metropolitan populations of two million or more. In fact, all Canadian cities included in the study were found to be more cost-competitive than any of the US cities featured.

This country’s cost-competitiveness, combined with the best business environment in the G203 and preferential access to the world’s most prosperous markets, makes Canadian cities ideal locations for business investment. Canada’s cost-competitiveness is no accident. According to KPMG, our history of investment incentives, combined with low labor costs, low facility lease costs, low tax costs, and low health-related costs have created an ideal environment for foreign investors, making Canada one of the most cost-effective places to do business in the G7.

6 Reasons to Start a Business in Canada Now

1. An abundance of seed capital
2. Access to a variety of government grants and tax credits
3. Access to great technical talent
4. A low cost of living
5. A favorable exchange rate
6. An abundance of entrepreneurial talent

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