Regulated industries

Things to Know

Companies operating in certain industries must comply with specific laws applicable to that industry. This could also involve a requirement to obtain a licence or permit, or to make additional filings. Examples of these industries are: financial services, fisheries and forestry, food and drug, energy, health, franchising, mining, oil and gas, securities, telecommunications, travel and transportation. 

Certain activities may also require additional regulatory compliance, such as environmental laws. Depending on the industry, these laws may be federal laws or provincial/territorial laws. These industry-specific laws are in addition to the legislation that applies generally to all companies operating in Canada, or in a particular province or territory of Canada. 

There are also restrictions on ownership for companies in certain industries. Examples are aviation, banking, insurance and telecommunications. 

Things to Do

Research industry-specific requirements. Consult legal counsel as necessary. 

Apply for any required permits or licences.

Implement processes to ensure timely and correct ongoing regulatory filings. 

Conduct periodic reviews to ensure continuing compliance. 

Pursue appropriate risk-management strategies and be prepared to respond quickly and effectively in the event of an unforeseen crisis. 

Canada Company Registration

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