Saskatchewan Electronics and Instrumentation

Mineral Exploration and Mining

Mining Permits

Apply for permits for mining initiatives or projects in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Geological Survey

The Saskatchewan Geological Survey is responsible for investigating, compiling and maintaining information on the geology, and mineral and petroleum resources of the province

Mineral Tenure

Find information about obtaining the rights to explore for and develop mineral deposits in Saskatchewan.

Crown Reserves

Crown Reserves cover areas in which Crown minerals are not available for dispositions, such as oil and gas leases, potash leases or metallic mineral claims. Crown Reserves may be established to prevent conflicts in mineral resource development and to minimize possible interference between mineral disposition activity and future land use.

Mining Royalties and Taxes

Find forms, directives and information circulars related to coal, diamonds, metallic/industrial minerals, potash and uranium royalties and taxes in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Mineral Exploration Tax Credit

The Saskatchewan Mineral Exploration T ax Credit (SMETC) owers a non-refundable 10% tax credit to Saskatchewan taxpayers who invest in eligible flow- through shares (FTS) issued by mining or exploration companies.

Institutional Control Program

Learn about the process for the long- term management of decommissioned mine/mill properties on provincial Crown land.

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