Saskatchewan Food and Beverage Processing


Saskatchewan produces over one- third of Canada’s primary energy, and is one of the few places in the world that produces all of these types of energy:

crude oil;

natural gas;




geothermal power;

wind power; and

hydro power .

In 2017, the combined estimated value of oil and gas production was over $9.2 billion. Saskatchewan ranked second in Canada for oil and gas investment in the Fraser Institute’ s 2017 Global Petroleum Survey.

With its world-class research facilities and a strong network of suppliers, opportunities abound in Saskatchewan’s oil and gas industry.


Saskatchewan is the second-largest oil producer in Canada and the sixth largest in North America. In 2017, the province produced 177.2 million barrels of oil.

The province has estimated oil reserves of almost 1.2 billion barrels, refining and upgrading capacity, and an extensive network of pipelines. Saskatchewan is home to a significant portion of the Bakken Formation, one of the largest conventional oil plays in North America.

Natural Gas

Saskatchewan is the third-largest natural gas producer in Canada. In 2017, the province produced 188.3 billion cubic feet (5.3 billion cubic metres). Estimated recoverable gas reserves are 1.8 trillion cubic feet (51.5 billion cubic metres).

Opportunities exist in shale gas in central and east-central Saskatchewan.

Nuclear Energy and Electricity

Saskatchewan is the world’s leading supplier of uranium – 90% is exported, with the remaining 10% fuelling nuclear reactors in Canada. The province’ s uranium is responsible for 6% of the electricity generated in the United States.

Clean Coal

Saskatchewan’s expertise in clean coal technologies is a good example of how the province is committed to “greening up” its conventional energy resources.

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Saskatchewan is a leader in petroleum research, especially in the areas of enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and horizontal well drilling. Two commercial EOR projects are currently underway in southeast Saskatchewan using carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS) technologies.

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