Saskatchewan Manufacturing Industry

Key Economic

Sectors Saskatchewan’ s wealth and diversity of resources are the envy of nations. Discover the competitive advantages and investment opportunities in these key sectors of our economy.

Agriculture and Agri-Value

Saskatchewan’ s diverse agriculture and agri-food sector is world renowned for consistently supplying high quality agricultural food and ingredients.


Saskatchewan is an energy giant, with the most diverse primary energy resource base in Canada.

Forestry Development

Saskatchewan’ s Commercial Forest Zone comprises 11.7 million hectares, of which 5.3 million hectares are classified as productive forest land available for commercial timber harvesting.

Life Sciences and Biomass

Saskatchewan is a hub of activity in life sciences and biomass. There is a strong tradition of innovation and multidisciplinary capabilities at the province’ s universities and research institutions.


Saskatchewan produces a wide range of manufactured goods, the majority of which are exported to markets across Canada and around the world.

Mineral Exploration and Mining

Learn more about the province’s geology, and mineral and petroleum resources. Apply for permits and rights to explore and develop Saskatchewan’ s mineral deposits. Minerals

Saskatchewan’s rich mineral resources, efficient regulatory environment, and strong investment opportunities have attracted major global mining companies to the province. Oil and Gas

Learn about the Integrated Resource Information System (IRIS), and read news from Saskatchewan’s oil and gas industry.

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