Saskatchewan Supplier Solutions for the Global Mining Industry

Unmatched Resources

Saskatchewan’s mineral sales totalled 6.7 billion in 2017. According to Natural Resources Canada, the value of Saskatchewan’s mineral production was the fourth highest in Canada.

The province has the largest potash industry in the world, accounting for about one third of annual global production and hosting nearly half of the world’s known reserves. Saskatchewan is also one of the world’s largest uranium producers, with the Athabasca Basin containing the largest, high-grade uranium deposits in the world.

Saskatchewan is the third-largest producer of coal in Canada, producing an average of 10 million tonnes per year.

The province is also home to one of the world’s largest fields of diamond-bearing kimberlite. This discovery has led to extensive exploration and evaluation.

The Seabee mining operation produced 83,998 ounces of gold in 2017, the fourth consecutive year of record annual production. Large areas with gold potential still remain under-explored.

In addition, the province has deposits of copper, zinc, nickel, rare earth minerals and platinum group metals as well as various industrial minerals including sodium sulphate and salt.

World-class Supplier Capabilities

Saskatchewan companies have a long history of providing equipment, goods and services to the mining industry provincially, nationally and internationally. Examples of key products and services include:

Exploration, Resource Evaluation and Permitting:

Consulting services including:

o  Exploration

o  Geological

o  Geochemical

o  Geophysical

o  Environmental engineering

o  Regulatory/permitting

o  Prefeasibility and community relations

Laboratory analysis/testing

Drilling services

Personnel, safety training,  camp servicing/suppliers and transportation services

Engineering and Construction:

Consulting including concept,  pre-feasibility, feasibility and  implementation

Heavy construction and infrastructure services

General contracting, mechanical,  electrical, etc.

Steel fabrication and concrete

Pumps and piping, valves and  fittings


Temporary building structures including work camps and movable offices

Safety equipment and training


 Miners – boring mine machines

 Conveyor systems


 Cranes, compressors

 Boilers, tanks

 Spill trays and containment berms

 Industrial piping systems

 Ventilation systems

 Electrical and telecommunication systems

 Specialty vehicles including buses and rescue vehicles

 Safety equipment and training

 Equipment, storage and shipping containers

 Custom machining, fabrication and maintenance services

 Shop/field repair services for motors, turbines and generators

 Transportation including trucking and scheduled/charter aircraft services

Site Services:

 Water/waste water disposal


 Camp accommodation

 Janitorial services

 Pest control

 Onsite security

 Onsite medical

 Internet and phone

 Storage shelter

Your Connection to Suppliers

More information about locally manufactured equipment and related services can be found in the Saskatchewan Manufacturers Guide.

The Saskatchewan Industrial and Mining Suppliers Association (SIMSA) provides information on a broad range of member equipment along with goods and services supplied to the oil and gas industry.

The Northern Saskatchewan Business Directory is the most comprehensive business database available for the province’s northern region.

The Saskatchewan Advantage: An Ideal Place to Conduct Business Local businesses interested in expansion and out-of province companies exploring new opportunities can benefit from the Saskatchewan Advantage.  

No corporate capital tax on new capital investment  

12% corporate income tax rate  

Small business tax rate of 2%  

No payroll tax or health insurance premium  

6% provincial sales tax rate, the lowest of the nine provinces with sales tax

Services We Provide  

Detailed information relating to Saskatchewan suppliers  

Information about Aboriginal businesses and communities  

Business-to-business support, connecting companies to suppliers and the business community

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