Saskatchewan’s Mining Supply Chain

Our Competitive Edge  

CAE-led NATO Flying Training in Canada (NFTC) provides Basic Advanced Training and Advanced Jet Training to pilots from NATO and non-NATO countries  

15 Wing Moose Jaw and Canadian Forces Snowbirds  

Advanced engineering and manufacturing solutions:

o OEM supplier to XM Radio, Cisco Systems;

o Component and system supplier to General Dynamics Land Systems, General Dynamics Canada, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin;

o Satellite ground system design and operation for Canadian Space Agency, European Space Agency, Inmarsat, Intelsat, Boeing  

Canada’s only synchrotron, the Canadian Light Source, offers cutting-edge research capabilities  

Space and aerospace engineering courses offered at the University of Saskatchewan and University of Regina  

Aircraft Maintenance Engineers offered at the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technology

Innovation and Opportunity

Saskatchewan manufacturers are supplying goods and services to the aerospace and defence industries in Canada and around the world. Products include:  

Components for military vehicles  

Specialty vehicles including buses and rescue vehicles  

Unmanned vehicles – land and mini UAVs  

Satellite communication systems  

Wireless telecom products  

Monitoring equipment for fire suppression, toxic gases, surveillance  

Temporary and permanent building structures  

Equipment, storage and shipping containers  

Cargo netting and restraints  

Cable assemblies  

Upper atmosphere research  

Balloon launch and flight instrumentation  

Ballistic and Ship Building steel supplier

The Investment Climate  

Pioneering achievements and world-class abilities in information technologies, telecommunications and advanced technologies  

Superior technological and telecommunications infrastructure  

Programs are available to encourage the development and commercialization of new technologies  

Provincial investment in education and training  Strong supplier base – sophisticated local market for advanced technology equipment  

Central North American location and excellent transportation links

The Bottom Line  

The Corporate Income Tax rate for manufacturers in Saskatchewan can be as low as 10% through our manufacturing and processing profits tax reduction  

Manufacturing and Processing Exporter Tax Incentives that provide non-refundable tax credits to eligible exporting companies that increase their number of employees. If eligible, the company will receive a $3,000 tax credit for each production level job created or a $10,000 tax credit for each head office job created.  

A 6% Investment Tax Credit for equipment purchased for manufacturing and processing operations in the province  

10% refundable provincial income tax credit for scientific research and development expenditures. For Saskatchewan Canadian-controlled private corporations, the credit is refundable on the first $1 million of qualifying annual expenditures. In all other cases, it is non-refundable.  

The Saskatchewan Commercial Innovation Incentive offers eligible corporations a reduction of the provincial Corporate Income Tax rate to 6% for a period of 10 years or 15 years depending on where the research and development takes place

For more information, contact:

Mr. Scott Summach

Deputy Director, Investment

Saskatchewan Ministry of Trade and Export Development

219 Robin Crescent

Saskatoon, SK S7L 6M8

Phone: (306) 933-7207

Fax: (306) 933-8244

Email: [email protected]

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