Starting a Business in Ontario Canada as a Foreign Company

Are you a non-Canadian who has an established business in your own country and would like to start a business in Ontario Canada? Then this article is for you.

Starting a Business in Ontario When You Already Have a Business

Expanding into Ontario Canada for an already-established foreign business is straightforward process. For extra-provincial incorporation, you will need an Agent for Service, an “individual, 18 years of age or older who is resident in the province of Ontario, or a corporation having its registered office in Ontario”.

Step 1: Request Name Approval and Reservation

The first step for a foreign entity to register in Ontario as an extra provincial company is to apply for a name approval. The name reserved must be the foreign entity’s own name in its current jurisdiction. If the foreign entity’s own name is not available, the foreign entity may reserve and adopt an assumed name for use in Ontario

Step 2: Prepare and Submit a Registration Statement

Once the name has been approved and reserved, the next step is the preparation and filing of the registration statement.

Step 3: Keep Documents as Part of Your Company’s Records

Your company is extra provincially registered as soon the registration statement is filed with the Ontario corporate registry office. We will send you the following documents by email or mail (depending on the notification method you selected):

The original Certificate of Registration
A certified copy of the Registration Statement
A cover sheet that includes the company’s registration number and business number

Keep these documents as part of the company’s records. You will need the registration number when you file other documents with us.

Business Number – You will need your Business Number when applying for a GST number or other accounts at Canada Revenue Agency or the Ministry of Finance.

Company Formations offers Canada and Ontario extra provincial incorporation service for foreign companies for only $2200 (All Inclusive.) Company Formations provides fast and easy Company Registration in Canada for foreign companies wishing to operate in Canada and provides all the documents your new Canada corporation will need to stay up-to-date and in compliance with your province of registration corporations law.

Extra provincial registration fees:

$2200 (All Inclusive)

Our Ontario extra provincial incorporation service includes:

  • Name Search Report
  • Preparation of Articles of Incorporation and Incorporation Documents
  • Incorporation Agreement
  • By-Laws, Company Minute Book, Share Certificates
  • Canada Registered Agent Service for 1 year
  • Government Fees
  • Our Service Fees
  • Original Certificates
  • Copy of Documents in PDF’
  • Taxes

Processing Time
3 Business days

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