Streamlining Your Expansion Across Canada: A Guide to Extra-Provincial Registration

Looking to expand your Canadian business to a new province? This guide simplifies the process of obtaining a Certificate of Registration as an extra-provincial company for Canadian corporations incorporated under the Canada Business Corporations Act (CBCA). We’ll also explain the benefits of using a registered agent service to ensure legal compliance across Canada.

What is Extra-Provincial Registration?

Canadian corporations registered under the CBCA that operate outside their home province need to register as extra-provincial corporations in each province where they conduct business. This registration allows them to operate legally within that province and comply with local regulations.

Benefits of a Registered Agent Service

While you can manage the extra-provincial registration process yourself, using a registered agent service offers several advantages:

Expertise & Efficiency: Registered agents specialize in business registration and compliance across provinces. They ensure the process is completed accurately and efficiently in each jurisdiction, saving you time and effort.
Ongoing Support: A registered agent acts as your official representative in each province you register in. They receive and forward legal documents to your head office, keeping you informed.
Peace of Mind: Registered agents stay up-to-date on provincial regulations, ensuring your company remains compliant in all registered provinces.

Our Services

We offer a comprehensive registered agent service package to simplify your Canadian expansion:

Extra-Provincial Registration: We handle the entire registration process in each province you choose to operate in, filing the necessary paperwork with the respective provincial Companies Office.
Registered Agent Services: We act as your official representative in each registered province, receiving and forwarding legal documents to your head office.

Costs Involved

There are two sets of fees associated with extra-provincial registration in each province:

Government Fees: These fees cover processing and registration costs charged by the provincial government.
Company Formations Fee: This is our service fee for handling the registration process on your behalf.
The specific government fees vary by province. We recommend contacting us for a quote tailored to your specific expansion plans.

Next Steps

Ready to streamline your Canadian expansion? Contact us today! We’ll guide you through the extra-provincial registration process in your chosen provinces, collect the necessary documents, and ensure your company operates legally.

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