Things to Know When Registering a Canadian Subsidiary

A Canadian subsidiary can be formed in Canada either under the federal laws of Canada or the laws of one of Canada’s provinces or territories. The laws applicable to corporate entities in each of these jurisdictions are generally consistent, but there are some important distinctions (some of which are set out in greater detail below).

Generally, Canadian subsidiaries are formed as limited liability corporations, but certain provinces (including British Columbia, Alberta, and Nova Scotia) provide an alternative form of corporate entity: the unlimited liability company.

Unlimited liability companies are mainly chosen to facilitate favorable tax outcomes. You can also carry on business through a subsidiary formed as a partnership, trust or other types of entity, but special considerations may apply. Corporate law in certain Canadian jurisdictions requires that the records of a corporation be kept in the jurisdiction of formation.

Register Today Your Foreign Company in Canada as a Subsidiary (Brand New Company)

Company formations offer fast & easy Canada company registration for foreign companies wishing to operate an do business in Canada. The total fees for the registration of a subsidiary in Canada are $2200 CAD.

Information and documents needed:

The information and documents required to register a new company in Canada as a subsidiary are:

  • Proposed Company name
  • Proposed Business activity in Canada
  • Company Address in Canada (If any)
  • Jurisdiction of Incorporation
  • Names and addresses of the directors of the corporation

Subsidiary registration Fees

The total fees for the registration of a subsidiary in Canada are $2200 CAD

What our Canada Company Registration Service Includes:

  • Provincial name search report or NUANS Report request
  • Preparation of the incorporation application
  • Provincial Registered agent service for 1 year
  • Filing of your incorporation application
  • Government fees
  • Taxes

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