9 things often overlooked when starting a business

When you decide to fulfill your dreams of becoming an entrepreneur, you must have a plan in place. Working from that plan, you have to take action to change the course of your life and the lives around you.

I’ve learned a lot on my entrepreneurial journey, both through trial and error and by absorbing the lessons learned by other entrepreneurs. I’ve written out a few of the most important things that need to be on every CEO’s task list before even becoming a CEO.

As your entrepreneurial journey begins, be sure to pay attention to these nine often-overlooked items many seem to forget as they jump headfirst into the business world:

  1. Support system

Before jumping into the world as a business owner, make sure you have a support system in place to encourage you along the way. Whether it’s family, friends or a top-notch executive team, have it in place before you launch your dream so you aren’t going it alone.

  1. Logo

Have a clean and professional logo ready to go so that you can put it on your products and consumers will start to recognize your brand.

  1. Website

A website in today’s world needs to be mobile-friendly, SEO-ready, and include fresh, new content including landing pages to capture leads.

  1. Contact

Surprisingly, many entrepreneurs forget that consumers need a way to contact them in order to place orders and ask questions. Be sure to secure a phone number and email address for consumers to reach you.

  1. Social media

Once you have a logo, website, and a way for consumers to get in touch with you, get busy creating social media profiles on the platforms most important to your business. Fun tip: Facebook allows you to create a page and not publish it until you’re ready, which means you can have the logo, cover image, description, and even some posts published before you go live.

Don’t forget to verify the page and create a social media plan so that you’re continually publishing new, relevant, valuable content.

  1. Planning for additional costs

You may think you have everything mapped out as far as costs you’ll encounter, but there’s always something that creeps up. You need to be prepared for those additional costs, whether it’s maintenance issues, unforeseen obstacles delay building construction or something else entirely.

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