Can our extra-provincial corporation operate under its current corporate/business name in Ontario?

Yes, unless that corporate and/or business name is already used by a corporation carrying on a similar business in Ontario and using your corporate or business name would be “likely to deceive”. To satisfy this condition, corporations will need to do a name search (called NUANS).

If your corporation’s business name is different from your corporation’s corporate name (e.g. your corporation is “1234567 Alberta Limited” but your corporation’s business name is “Dinosaur Diner”), then your corporation will need to register that business name for use in Ontario. This applies for all corporations doing business in Ontario. A business name registration is valid for five years.

Please bear in mind that there are some words which cannot be used in a name.  Subject to subsection (2) of the Ontario Business Corporation Act, a corporation shall not have a name,

(a) that contains a word or expression prohibited by the regulations;
(b) that is the same as or, except where a number name is proposed, similar to,
(i) the name of a known,
(A) body corporate,
(B) trust,
(C) association,
(D) partnership,
(E) sole proprietorship, or
(F) individual,

whether in existence or not, or

(ii) the known name under which any body corporate, trust, association, partnership, sole proprietorship, or individual, carries on business or identifies himself, herself or itself,

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