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Can our extra-provincial corporation operate under its current corporate/business name in Ontario?

Yes, unless that corporate and/or business name is already used by a corporation carrying on a similar business in Ontario and using your corporate or business name would be “likely to deceive”. To satisfy this condition, corporations will need to do a name search (called NUANS). If your corporation’s business name is different from your […]

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What are some advantages and disadvantages to setting up a new corporation in Ontario versus extra-provincial registration of an existing corporation?

One major advantage of setting up a new corporation in Ontario is that it can help shield other parts of your existing business from claims relating to doing business in Ontario. However, if a corporation only intends to do limited business in Ontario (or intends to complete any business within a few years), then it […]

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Will our corporation need to obtain an extra-provincial licence if it is only conducting a single transaction in Ontario?

A single transaction in Ontario may constitute “carrying on business”. If it does, then the non-Ontario corporation involved will need an extra-provincial licence and/or may be required to file information with the Government of Ontario before the transaction begins. If your corporation is considering doing any business in Ontario, then please speak with us before […]

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Our corporation wants to start doing business in Ontario. When is extra-provincial registration required?

An active corporation that was incorporated (or continued) under the laws of any jurisdiction outside of Canada must obtain an extra-provincial licence to operate in Ontario. This extra-provincial licence must be obtained before the corporation carries on business in Ontario. “Carrying on business” is defined very broadly to cover most business/commercial activities. It includes, but […]

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What is extra-provincial registration in Ontario?

Extra-provincial registration means obtaining a licence from the Government of Ontario and/or filing any other required information, to carry on business in Ontario. All corporations incorporated (or continued) under laws other than an Ontario statute (such as the Ontario Business Corporations Act or “OBCA”) are required to file at least some information with the Government […]

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