Our corporation wants to start doing business in Ontario. When is extra-provincial registration required?

An active corporation that was incorporated (or continued) under the laws of any jurisdiction outside of Canada must obtain an extra-provincial licence to operate in Ontario. This extra-provincial licence must be obtained before the corporation carries on business in Ontario.

“Carrying on business” is defined very broadly to cover most business/commercial activities. It includes, but is not limited to, having an agent, representative, warehouse, office, and/or an interest in real property (other than a security interest, such as a mortgage) in Ontario.

An active corporation that was incorporated (or continued) under the Canada Business Corporations Act (“CBCA”), or under the laws of a Canadian province other than Ontario, does not need to obtain an extra-provincial licence in order to operate within Ontario.

Although domestic corporations do not require extra-provincial licences, they must still file corporate information with the Companies and Personal Property Security Branch of the Government of Ontario (the “Companies Branch”).

Company Formations offers Ontario Extra provincial registration service to Domestic and foreign corporations wishing to operate in Ontario.

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Register a foreign corporation (Company registered outside Canada) extra provincially in Ontario
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