Keeping Your Corporation in Good Standing: Change of Address of a Registered Office

Moving the registered office within the province or territory indicated in the articles, Your corporation must notify Corporations Canada (for Federal Companies) or your Provincial Registries office (For Provincial Corporations) of any change to its registered office address(e.g. if the corporation moves) within 15 days following the change.

The corporation must also provide the new mailing address, if any. This notification is important because it allows Corporations Canada to communicate with you. For example, Corporations Canada may send you a reminder notice concerning the Annual Return, or information on legislative amendments that could affect your corporation. If you do not notify Corporations Canada of the change of address, your corporation will be considered not to have complied with the CBCA.

In such cases, Corporations Canada may impose appropriate penalties, as provided by the CBCA. Moving the registered office into another province or territory other than the one indicated in the articles If you move your registered office to another province or territory other than the one indicated in the Articles, you must amend your Articles. To do this, you must file Articles of Amendment and pay the $200 fee. You must also file the Change Regarding the Registered Office form.

If the mailing address is different from the registered office address, you will need to include that address when filing the change to the registered office address.

Company Formations helps Canada Federal and Provincial corporations to file Notice of Change of Registered Address with the Canada Federal or provincial corporate registries offices.