Maintaining Your B.C. Company

The British Columbia Business Corporations Act requires all incorporated companies to file information about the company with the Corporate Registry office.


A company must file an annual report each year within two months after each anniversary of the date on which the company was recognized. A recognition date is the company’s date of incorporation, amalgamation or continuation into the province.An Annual Report Reminder containing information on the company as of the anniversary date of recognition may be received by the company each year to remind the company to file its annual report.


A company that has been authorized to do so may change one or both of the mailing and delivery addresses of either or both its registered office and records office by filing this notice with the Corporate Registry. It is important to file this document, as the registered office mailing address is the address used for mailing the annual report reminder to the company and any notices concerning the commencement of dissolution of your company. This notice takes effect at the beginning of the day following the date on which the Notice of Change of Address is filed with the registrar (12:01a.m. Pacific Time).


A company must, within 15 days after the date of change in its directors or in the address of any of its directors, file a Notice of Change of Directors with the registrar. A separate notice is required for each date of change.Failure to comply with the filing requirements of the Business Corporations Act may result in a company being dissolved and struck from the register.

Canada Annual Returns

Keeping your Canada Corporation in Good Standing. Every year, your Canada Federal or Provincial Corporation must file an Annual Return. This is not your tax return. The Annual Return provides up-to-date information about your corporation. File now your annual return