Ontario Aerospace Industry

Why do so many aerospace companies do business in Ontario? Here you’ll find:

Over half of the top 25 firms

Over 200 companies supplying components to all major aerospace programs globally 21,000 skilled workers

$6 billion in annual sales with nearly 80% in exports to customers and project partners around the world.

A strategic location and an extensive transportation infrastructure.

A broad supply chain

Whether you’re an OEM, a Tier 1 integrator or Tier 2/3 supplier , you’ll find everything that you need to succeed is here.

200 firms and counting

In Ontario you’ll benefit from:

a diverse ecosystem of more than 200 local and foreign companies that supply components globally

firms that provide faster , superior solutions across the entire supply chain

a broad range of capabilities all in one place, providing greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness

Fast, convenient aerospace solutions

Ontario aerospace companies service the supply chain end-to-end.

Ontario companies manufacture regional, business and special-purpose aircraft, small turbine engines, landing gear systems, aerospace structures and electrical systems. By meeting the full spectrum of aerospace demand, Ontario offers you faster , more convenient solutions.

21,000 highly educated workers, and an exceptional workforce

Our highly educated workforce is supremely qualified to help you deliver .

Ontario is home to one of the best-educated talent pools in the world.

68% of adults have completed post-secondary education, more than in any other OECD country , including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany , France and Japan.

Our aerospace industry boasts more than 21,000 skilled workers.

Our universities and colleges offer more than 40 aerospace and aviation-related programs, including degrees in aerospace engineering and produce nearly 40,000 graduates every year .

Lower business costs

Ontario is one of the most cost-competitive locations for aerospace manufacturing. Aerospace manufacturing costs in Canada are lower than in any G7 nation.

What’s more, labour costs in Canada are the lowest of the G7 countries, according to KPMG’s Competitive Alternatives 2016.

The same report found manufacturing costs in Ontario’s aerospace cluster in Toronto to be lower than in many large clusters in the U.S. , including Seattle and Wichita. Toronto is also more cost competitive than international sites such as Tokyo, London or Paris.

Strong R&D capacity

Ongoing innovation is an imperative in aerospace.

Our R&D incentive programs(/incentive-programs-and-services) make it easier and more affordable to innovate and stay competitive in your market, potentially reducing your R&D costs by more than 50%. Country Cost Index Aircraft parts manufacturing – international results (U.S. = 100.0) Canada U.S. France Germany Italy U.K. Japan 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 Source: KPMG Competitive Alternatives 2016 Report   More than 20% of the Canadian aerospace manufacturing activity is dedicated to R&D. Ontario accounts for over 30% ($500 million) of all aerospace R&D in Canada.

The Canadian aerospace manufacturing sector outpaced key industrial sectors, the total manufacturing average, and the total of all industries in terms of R&D intensity . If innovation is critical to your business you need to be here.

Testing and partnerships opportunities

Ontario has numerous locations for R&D development as well as prototyping, testing and evaluating the latest innovations in aerospace technologies.

David Florida Laboratory – Ottawa

Satellite and space system assembly and environmental testing.

UTIAS Spaceflight Laboratory (University of Toronto) – Toronto

Microsatellite design, production, launch and control.

NRC CANMET Materials – Hamilton

Research, fabrication, processing and evaluation of metals and materials.

NRC Aerospace – Ottawa

Conducting research, performing technical services and developing technology solutions to support the Canadian aerospace industry .

Fraunhofer Project Centre for Composites Research – London

Develops, tests, validates and characterizes new lightweight materials and advanced manufacturing processes at industrial scale.

Institute for Quantum Computing (University of Waterloo) – Waterloo

Quantum information research.

Defence Research and Development Canada – Ottawa, Toronto

Scientific and technical information exchange, shared materials and facilities, jointly developed frameworks, trials, exercises and advanced concept technology demonstrations.

Innovation Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Production – North Bay

Allows companies to access the technologies and resources for the development of new products and processes or the refining of existing products and processes.

Catalyst 137 – Waterloo

Provides centralized funding, consulting, engineering and other services, consolidated under in one location.

Canadian Centre for Product Validation – London

Prototyping and testing in one central location – with full developmental multimodal capabilities.

Downsview Park R&D

With global competition increasing, we are launching a collaborative initiative that will further cement our reputation for aerospace excellence.

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