Ontario Extra Provincial Registration Supporting Documents

Ontario Extra-Provincial Registration Support Documents

Canadian and foreign companies interested in registering and operating in the province of Ontario can do so by registering extra-provincially in the province. The Extra provincial registration process is done by filing an Application for Extra-Provincial Licence with the Ontario Ministry of Government Services. This application must be accompanied by the following supporting documents:

a) an Appointment of Agent for Service (Form 2);
b) a certificate of Status issued under the seal of office and signed by the proper officer (Director, Corporations Branch, etc) of the
jurisdiction to which the corporation is subject, setting out the following:
(i) the name of the corporation;
(ii) date of incorporation/amalgamation or merger;
(iii) jurisdiction to which the corporation is subject;
(iv) that the corporation is a valid and subsisting corporation; and
c) the original NUANS name search report (See instructions re Corporate Name).

Ontario Extra provincial Registration Service for Domestic and Foreign Companies

Company Formations Offers, fast & easy Ontario Extra provincial registration to domestic and foreign companies.

Register a new extra provincial corporation as a domestic corporation (Canadian corporation incorporated outside Ontario)
Register a new extra provincial corporation as a foreign corporation (corporation incorporated outside Canada)

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