About The Partnership Agreement in an Ontario Limited Partnerships

When forming a new Ontario Limited Partnership, it is recommended that a partnership agreement, which is private between the partners, is entered into in order to set out the business activities of the Ontario Limited Partnership, the role and responsibilities of the partners and the manner by which partnership profits are drawn / losses allocated. This is a private agreement, not required to be publicly disclosed and may be modified as required between the partners with their written consent / in accordance with the terms of the agreement.

Company Formations offers Ontario Limited Partnership Registration to Canadian residents and non-Canadian residents. Our Canada Limited Partnership registration service for Only $2200 (all inclusive) Includes:

  • Name Search confirming the uniqueness of the name
  • Government registration fee
  • Registered office address for one year
  • Declaration Form 3 confirming registration of the Limited Partnership
  • Organizational Resolutions of the General Partners
  • Resolution Admitting of Limited Partner
  • Partnership Agreement
  • Register of General Partners
  • Register of Limited Partners

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