7 reasons to expand your US small business into Canada

Canada has just over 36 million people, most of whom speak English, are huge consumers of American goods, and even watch the same TV shows as their southern neighbors. Most consider the U.S. the country’s greatest ally. So with the new deal coming together, here are seven reasons to expand your small business into Canada.

The two most common ways in which foreigners register to operate their businesses in Canada are through the registration of a Canadian branch or the incorporation of a Canadian subsidiary.

A branch office is an extension of the parent corporation’s business, while a subsidiary is a separate corporation which is controlled by the parent corporation. It should be noted that a parent company may be held liable for the actions of the subsidiary, despite the latter’s self-sufficiency.

Branch Operation

A Canadian branch of a foreign company that is carrying on business in Canada though a permanent establishment, while not a separate corporate entity, is treated like a Canadian resident corporation and will be subject to tax under Part I of the Act on income earned in Canada.

Canadian Subsidiaries

Most non-resident investors prefer to incorporate a subsidiary chiefly because a subsidiary allows for a division of liability between the Canadian operation and the foreign operation. A subsidiary is simply a Canadian corporation whose controlling or sole shareholder is another corporation.

An incorporated subsidiary of a foreign corporation is entitled to many of the same rights as a Canadian-owned corporation, such as limited liability.

Company Formations offers US companies fast and easy Canada company registration. You can easily register with us online a new Canadian Subsidiary Corporation or a new Canadian branch.

Registration Fees:

$2200 (All Inclusive)

Our Canada Branch or Subsidiary Registration Service includes:

Name Search Report
Preparation of Articles of Incorporation and Incorporation Documents
Incorporation Agreement
By-Laws, Company Minute Book, Share Certificates
Canada Registered Agent Service for 1 year
Government Fees
Our Service Fees
Original Certificates
Copy of Documents in PDF

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