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What Is the Difference Between an Incorporated Entity and a Limited Partnership?

An incorporated entity, such as a corporation, and a limited partnership are two business structures an individual can operate his business as. There are differences between the two structures, including how they are managed and taxed and how they protect owners from liability. A corporation requires more paperwork filings to open than a limited partnership. […]

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7 reasons to expand your US small business into Canada

Canada has just over 36 million people, most of whom speak English, are huge consumers of American goods, and even watch the same TV shows as their southern neighbors. Most consider the U.S. the country’s greatest ally. So with the new deal coming together, here are seven reasons to expand your small business into Canada. […]

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7 reasons why you should consider doing business in Canada.

The success of small businesses is an essential part of Canada’s economic growth. At the CFS, our goal is to provide all the support we can. We work closely with small businesses to help them setting up their businesses, improve services, reduce paperwork, reduce the cost and time of corporate compliance by offering a fast […]

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Foreign Companies Operating in Canada: Canadian Corporate Tax Rates

Canadian Corporate Tax Rates A Canadian resident corporation is generally liable for both federal income tax at a rate of 15%, and provincial income tax in those provinces in which it has a permanent establishment (as defined in the ITA and the applicable provincial tax statute). For example, a Canadian corporation that carries on business […]

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Foreign Companies Operating in Canada: Canadian Subsidiary

A subsidiary incorporated in Canada is deemed to be a Canadian resident for income tax purposes and is, therefore, subject to tax in Canada on its world-wide income. Register today your new subsidiary in Canada. Fast, easy, online. Starting a new company in Canada? Company Formations offers fast & easy Canada Company Registration for foreign […]

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Foreign Companies Doing Business in Canada

Foreign companies doing business in Canada. Foreign enterprises have long been attracted to investment opportunities in Canada. Canada has led the G7 in growth in total inbound investment over the past 15 years and Forbes and Bloomberg recently recognized Canada as having the most favourable commercial environment in the G20 in which to establish a […]

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