Foreign Companies Doing Business in Canada

Foreign companies doing business in Canada. Foreign enterprises have long been attracted to investment opportunities in Canada. Canada has led the G7 in growth in total inbound investment over the past 15 years and Forbes and Bloomberg recently recognized Canada as having the most favourable commercial environment in the G20 in which to establish a business.

Why Invest in Canada

  • Strong geographic and sectoral clusters (e.g. aerospace, automotive, biomedical, digital media, agrifood)
  • One of the soundest banking systems in the world
  • Diverse, confident, creative, entrepreneurial people
  • Low statutory and marginal effective tax rates for businesses

When deciding to start a new business in Canada, the decision to commence commercial operations in Canada must be made with an understanding of the legal framework within which the enterprise will operate. An understanding of the Canadian taxation system is an integral component of the over-arching Canadian legal framework.

Canada Tax System

Canada has a unique system of taxation. The federal, provincial and municipal levels of government each impose taxes on businesses in Canada.

The federal Income Tax Act (the “ITA”), and the corresponding provincial statutes, impose tax on the world-wide income of Canadian residents.

By contrast, non-residents of Canada are only subject to tax on income derived from Canadian sources. In this regard, non-residents are typically only subject to tax in Canada if they carry on a business in Canada or dispose of “taxable Canadian property”.

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