How to incorporate a new company in Yukon

The incorporator(s) of an intended corporation may choose to adopt a name or a number name. If you want to have a number corporation, a name reservation is not required.

1. Reserve Corporation Name

Fill out and submit the Application for Name Reservation, along with the $40 fee.
Corporate Affairs will reserve the name if it complies with the Naming Regulation requirements. If the name does not comply, a new application and fee will be required. The name of the corporation must include at least one of the required legal element (Corp., Corporation, Ltd., Limited, Inc., Incorporated)
A Certificate of Name Reservation will be issued within 5 business days, if approved.
After you’ve received the Certificate of Name Reservation, you must complete and submit the required documents within 90 days. If the required documents are not received by our office prior to the expiry date on the Certificate of Name Reservation, a new Application for Name Reservation and associated fee will be required.

The Application for Name Reservation may be dropped off in person, mailed, faxed or emailed to our office. Please do not include credit card information in your email, but instead provide a phone number where we may contact you for payment.

2. Submission of Documents

Complete the following 3 forms

Form 1 – Articles of Incorporation
In section 2, provide the classes of shares that the corporation is authorized to issue including
the maximum number of shares of each class that the corporation is authorized to issue or a statement that the number of shares of that class is unlimited
the par value of shares of a class with par value or a statement that the shares of that class are without par value
if there are two or more classes of shares, the special rights, privileges, restrictions and conditions attaching to each class of shares. For more information or further instructions, please refer to section 8(1) of the Yukon Business Corporations Act or seek legal advice from your legal counsel or accountant.

Form 2 – Notice of Address of Corporation
Yukon corporations must have Yukon delivery and mailing addresses

Form 8 – Notice of Directors

3. Submit the forms with the $300 fee

The forms should be submitted in duplicate and must be legible. The originally signed copy is required
The documents will be filed by our office within 10 business days of receipt of duly completed documentation
After 10 business days, you may access to see if the documents have been accepted and filed.
A Certificate of Incorporation will be sent to the corporation’s mailing address on file and the corporation comes into existence on the date shown in the Certificate of Incorporation.


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