Definition of Registered Office in Ontario

Registered Office in Ontario: According to the Ontario Business Corporations Act, “registered office” means the office of a corporation located at the address specified in its articles or in the notice most recently filed with the Central Production and Verification Services Branch by the corporation. The corporation’s registered office must be located in Ontario at all times. What was previously referred to as the corporation’s “head office” is now referred to as the corporation’s “registered office.”

Company Formations offers Ontario Registered Office services for domestic and foreign companies wishing to operate in Ontario Canada. When you use Company Formations Ontario Registered Office Services, Company Formations act as a registered address of your corporation in Ontario, and provides your corporation with a registered office address for the receipt of service of government filings (and in certain cases legal papers) and acts as a local contact for government agencies.

Company Formations forwards any such documents and correspondence to the corporation address you provided during the registration. For more information about Ontario Registered Office service, please visit continue here.