Extra–provincial domestic corporations and unincorporated businesses that want to do business in Ontario

If an extra–provincial domestic corporation wishes to operate in Ontario, the corporation must file an Initial Return/Notice of Change, Form 2 under the Corporations Information Act with the Central Production and Verification Services Branch, Ministry of Government and Consumer Services. You must include a photocopy of the page or pages of the most recent articles (e.g. incorporation/ amalgamation/ amendment) or other constating documents, containing the correct name and incorporation/amalgamation date, and the names of the amalgamating corporations, filed with the jurisdiction to which the corporation is subject. Where an amendment has been filed, pages 1 and 2 of the Articles of Amendment showing both the former and amended corporation names are to accompany the Form 2.

If the Initial Return/Notice of Change, Form 2 is submitted by mail, the processing time is 25 business days. If the Initial Return/Notice of Change, Form 2 is submitted to the Information Desk in the Public Office, the Branch will process it within 48 hours provided that a cover letter is attached that outlines in detail the circumstances that require expedited service. Requests for 48–hour service and the Form 2 must be submitted and picked-up at the Public Office in Toronto.

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